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Classes & Appearances

Throughout the year we offer classes teaching the basics of food preserving and the basics of cold process soap making. Classes are held in Suffolk and Nassau Counties in Long Island. If you are interested in hosting a class for your office retreat, girl scout troop, or a group of friends, please Contact Us for rates and schedule. We can accommodate both large and small groups. 


Our canning class is a comprehensive hands-on experience. If you keep a garden and have too much produce, love making things from scratch and want to preserve the flavors of the season, this class is for you. 
  • Make & take class. Students leave with 2-3 jars of jam or pickles. 
  • Safety of canning & preserving.  
  • Waterbath canning and steam canning are demonstrated.
  • Low acid vs high acid canning. 
  • Demonstration of pressure canner. 
  • Tomato Talk- the various ways to can tomatoes and a demonstration of the Victorio strainer, AKA “squeezo”  
Our goal is for students to feel comfortable preparing their food and learn to preserve safely. All foods prepared in the class are vegan, gluten free, nut free, diary free. 


Our soap class is an introduction to cold process soap making. We do worth with lye, and students must be ages 12+. This is a popular glass among scout troops. We do offer adult only classes as well. 

  • Students will make & take their own 2lb soap loaf.*
  • We cover the safety of working with lye and best practices. 
  • Safety goggles are provided for students to keep.
  • The soap mold is a corrugated plastic that cleans up easily and folds flat, also for students to keep. 
  • We provide a variety of colorants and fragrances, essential oil and fragrance oils. 
  • Students color and fragrance their soap as they like, guidance and inspiration soaps are provided. 
  • We bring a prepared loaf to show how to cut your loaf at home. Each student will get a turn cutting the prepared loaf and get to keep that bar. 

*The scout classes are modified for a singular 1lb mold with 6 bars that scouts can color, fragrance, and decorate.