When Was the Last Time You Tasted Something Extraordinary?

Sometimes, a new flavor takes you somewhere remarkable. Our gourmet jams and jellies will take you there. It’s a rare moment when you take that first bite that gives a moment of pause. Our unique jam flavors bring you somewhere you’ve never imagined. We offer a wide selection of artisanal spreadable jams and jellies to satisfy even the most demanding palette. From blueberry bourbon ginger Jam to hot pepper jelly, we continually create new and exciting hand crafted batches.

Why is it so Memorable? So Delicious?

Our jams and jellies are sought after for two simple reasons: It’s made from the highest quality ingredients freshly sourced, meeting our rigid quality control standards. From the freshest berries to the robust spice flavor profiles of seasonal peppers, we take pride in our ingredients. The magic in it all happens on the stove as we curate every batch by hand, from scratch to create an unforgettable experience. With just several natural ingredients and inspired imagination, jam and jelly flavors are limitless.

We invite you to compliment a classic dish at your table with a new condiment of gourmet jams that your table has never seen. Or freshen up the charcuterie board with a unique jam flavor that is as fun as you. Your party will love how our gourmet jams and jellies add a level of novelty and excitement to the night. 

At Virginia Jane’s Homestead...

We offer unique jam flavors that create a rare experience, all made from the best seasonal ingredients. Whether you want to make the best charcuterie board, enjoy it on your own, or share it with friends and family… we guarantee our gourmet jams will be the center of your conversation.

Elevate your gatherings with our gourmet jams and jellies. Together, let’s dream up the perfect bite.

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