Bring creative flavors to your palate — the perfect bite,
the one that makes your eyes close and savor the moment. 


A Hudson Valley native, Virginia Lawther has always shared her passion for crafting and creating.  Often referred to as "Laura Ingalls with modern appliances", Virginia found her calling through her popular dishes in the kitchen. 

When her families and friends tried her jams and other creations, they began asking if they could bring some home with them. Unexpectedly, many others began reaching out to her for some too. She knew there was a need for delicious, fresh-tasting jams with natural, fun and unique flavors.

As she began developing jams for her customers, she realized something even greater. People loved the fun of taking a new flavor profile, and adding it to their own dishes. They began sharing creative ways they used the jam, in cocktails, in desserts…it was a far richer experience than she intended. 

That’s when she knew Virginia Jane's Homestead could do the same for you.

Virginia Jane uses creative inspirations to cook up exciting flavors from her favorite farms in the tri-state area her Long Island home. Virginia Jane’s Homestead blends traditional and modern techniques, using seasonal produce from the peak of the season. We strive to be sustainable and mindful of our resources in every step of our process and purchases. Our mission is to bring creative flavors to your palate— the perfect bite, the one that makes your eyes close and savor the moment. When you choose Virginia Jane’s Homestead, you join a movement focused on bold flavors that pull you right into the joyful present moment. Because that’s what makes life worth living. When you try our jams, like the Blueberry Bourbon Ginger Jam, you’ll know what we’re talking about right away.